Attention PLEASE !

October 29, 2013    

Hello all

I’m writing to let everyone know I will NOT be in contact with anyone until after DCON next weekend 11-7 through 11-11-2013

This means I will NOT be responding to :

Private Messages
Face Book inboxing
Twitter messaging
Sam Heinous lottery questions (Although winners will be notified though this Saturday like planned).
And just about any other way I’m contacted daily by everyone.

Emails for updates on the Krawluss Shipping, this wont happening  until I get back from DCON.
Emails for Rainy Day DX’s ,they wont ship until I get back from DCON.

And basically EVERY THING else you can think of, wont get handled until I get back from DCON.

I promise you I have received all your emails and will be getting back to them in the order they came in.

Thanks for the love, but I’m being bombarded daily from all angles and I cant keep up. With every inquiry I’m getting further and further behind. Please, I ask just bare with me as I get everything completed. I can promise you Im not forgetting you or not responding because I dont want to talk, I just cant handle it all right now.

If I didn’t respond to your emails, or any other above contact that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you, more and more emails wont get me to answer quicker. Please be patient as I get ready for DCON and take care of my family before I leave for California.

Thanks and I hope you all understand.


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You filled this out wrong.