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Far Offshore Leviathan

Far Offshore Leviathan

  • Cast in baby blue vinyl by Maruyama Toy Factory. Painted with multi sprays and hand brush work all done by Rich Montanari Jr., owner of MVH.
  • Comes bagged with header cards.
  • Comes with weapon, severed head omake and resin cast LASH head by BOGxSQUAD.


  • $500.00 each plus shipping
  • Domestic and International shipping will be USPS Priority mail.
  • Will ship out within 3 weeks


  • Lottery open now till and will close on the 13th. No set close time.

WINNERS ONLY will be notified 4/15/19 by midnight. Payment must be made within 48 hours of winning notification or spot will be void and your entries from future lotteries also be removed.

**DISCLAIMER** All MVH lotteries are 100% free to enter, NO monies are exchanged whatsoever. ONLY the exact amount of people matching the exact amount of stock will be invoiced to buy. Toy stock is very limited and there are more people than toys available, this is the reason MVH holds lotteries, to make it fair for all who show interest in MVH toys. Once the lottery is over, all the non buying entries info will be deleted and no contact will be had whatsoever.

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