New DX heads and the full Flying Freak body.

September 19, 2013    

Recently I’ve been having a blast sculpting like a madman. Creating new figures for Mutant Vinyl Hardcore to sculpting with friends its just been non stop.

The latest of these completed sculpts are three all new heads for the DX Sludge Demon body, one of which has its own legs to form an entirely new figure the “Flying Freak”.

Lets begin with two of the the new heads sculpted by who I feel are the best American toy sculptors today. These sculptors are Paul Kaiju and Joe Merril (Splurrt). Both these artist created fresh new characters that fit in line with the MVH world as well their own, flawlessly. I really think these new heads will help fill in the gaps from brand collection to collection as well as establish new colab projects in the short future.

Lets start out with Joe Merrils head, the Bone Usir.

The Bone Usir is the DXified version of the mini figure Urir from his existing line up of  Splurrt toys. The head sculpt came out amazing and along with the skull motif fits extremely well on the DX.


Again, I couldn’t be happier with what Joe came up with. Such a clean sculpt, and, the height of the head on the DX body comes in at almost 12 inches from toe to horn tip, amazing.

Our collab went so smoothly that I was asked by him to sculpt something for his Evolved Diggler body to continue the cross over. I did, and will post on that separately very soon, but this new head creates the Ferrel boy. Again, more to come on this soon.

Next, lets talk about Paul Kaiju, the man, the myth, the legend !

Paul came up with his sea creature idea, got right to work and the Sludge Kraken was born.

Paul works so fast that before I can even grasp my head around his concept he already finished sculpting. The Kraken is that perfect mix between cute and creepy, which is one of Pauls defining toy traits. Along with Pauls master paint jobs you can just imagine how crazy this will be in vinyl.


Finally, my contribution, the Flying Freak.

For my new head sculpt I wanted to create something that’s an homage to all things low brow. If your familiar with low brow art it wont take long to figure out the inspirations of this guy. If not, hopefully it will inspire you to look it up.

I wanted to create a head that incorporated all these aspects of the low brow art I love without going overboard which can be tricky I discovered. In the end, the way I came up with on how to do this without it being forced was to go with the Frankenstein stitched together body part method. Very fitting for this concept I thought.

The Flying Freak head consists of 4 sides, 2 of which are the main faces. The first “face” side with the eye is called “Eyesore”, an homage to all eye ball low brow art. The second “Face” side is called “Banshee Mouth” which is an homage to all mouth and tongue low brow art. Tied together with the bat wings makes for the Flying Freak.



Now, it wasn’t my intention to go any further than just the head for the DX originally. But, as I was sculpting this guy I had the idea that this would be pretty cool as a stand alone toy as well.

Awhile ago I had came up with this concept of a running eye ball using the eye veins as legs. I drew from that, but, instead of veins I continued with the skin and stitching to form legs and the lower half. This makes a nice and simple 2 piece design full sized figure.








The Flying Freak will be both a head for the DX Sludge Demon body as well as stand alone mid sized toy. Two faces two bodies !

Im happy to say all of these sculpts are now on their way to Japan. Next comes wax and soon after vinyl. As the time draws close I will post more info.

More to come !

*I’m not a writer, you will definitely find typos and bad grammar, deal with it.


LiShuo - September 19, 2013 - Reply

great!I hope I can have them!

Zro - September 19, 2013 - Reply

I love these new sculpts they are all so cool and as someone who is pretty new to your toys and has yet to pick one up I'm excited by the fact that this means there might be a ton of opportunities to grab one soon :) Good work everyone

cEvin KEy - October 24, 2014 - Reply

sick !

You filled this out wrong.
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You filled this out wrong.